The affordable and reliable way to protect your farm animals

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The safety and security of livestock and wildlife might be in its most fragile state ever. As precautions become better and more tailored to the needs of the farm owner and worker, the threats also become increasingly more serious. Focusing on the safety of your animals and the safety of those who care for them, Cape Town-based surveillance company Rik Rhino has simplified security without losing its efficiency and durability.

Rough terrains often make it difficult to monitor an area, as does the weather. How could you alleviate the effects on your farm? Water and snow-resistant, Rik Rhino cameras do more than withstand extreme weather conditions. Can they withstand physical force? Absolutely. An elephant stomped on a client’s Rhino Camera and the metal camera cover ensured that there was no damage to the camera. Because there was no way of stopping the animal, it had its way with the camera. Stomping on it and kicking it around, the camera was up against roughly a 6000kg force. The camera remained in working condition. You can rest assured that in addition to the long list of benefits of Rik Rhino cameras, they were also built to last.

Offering a wide range of options to choose from including the Rhino Camera and the Ezviz Husky Air Full Outdoor WiFi IP Camera, Rik Rhino provides solutions to a range of needs. With the core principle of “prevention is better than cure”, the solutions offered focus on early detection that informs you of any activity by detecting movement within seconds.

The Ezviz Husky Air Full Outdoor WiFi IP Camera offers high definition video and a wide-angle lens to display clear and sharp details over a large area. Its range is up to 30 m Infrared fill light and IR cut filter that works from day to night. The Rhino Camera provides the early warning necessary by detecting any human or livestock and wildlife movement and capturing high-quality images.

If you would like to know how our cameras can work for you, contact us on 021 023 0233.

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