Real Time Notifications

Ensure you are always protected, with real-time notifications directly to your device! Our early warning system makes sure images are sent through imminently.

Multiple Devices

Our system allows you to receive camera notifications on multiple devices. Install our app on your second device, or invite a trusted contact to share your camera with you.

Camera Management

Configure your camera settings directly from your device. Our camera management features allows you to set all of the camera settings with ease.

Reduced Costs

Gone are the days are paying full price for every image that gets sent to you by your camera. Our system makes use of data bundles instead of MMS rates.

ICASA Protection

Our cameras are ICASE registered, which means that the images you receive to your application can be used in the court of law as evidence if needed.

Always Connected

As long as you have network coverage, you will continue to receive notifications. Whether the camera is on your property or miles away, our application ensures you stay protected.


Now you can save your cameras images directly to your mobile device. Simply log in to the application and save your images to your device storage.


Something we missed? We strive to keep our application evolving in order to bring in the features that you want to see. Let us know what else you would like to see for future updates.