Corporate and Office

One of the key aspects of maintaining a strong business is making sure you secure your assets and minimise your liabilities, and nothing secures your assets quite like RikRhino Surveillance Systems.

RikRhino offers your business a level of security no other security system company can give. Our state of the art products give you a bird’s eye view of any potential threats or intruders.

From company supplies mysteriously disappearing, to the consumption of unapproved substances in the workplace, and the vandalising of company property our products can assist in preventing these instances from occurring.

RikRhino’s cutting edge technology transmits images, footage and information, in real time with the best quality, to give you and your business formidable defence against any threat.

With RikRhino’s quality security products operating in your business, the risk of falling victim to crime drops dramatically, which will also have an impact on the amount of insurance claims made.

The successful purchase and installation of any of our products can help any organisation, business or association get closer to meeting Health and Security requirements.

We can give you peace of mind because we let you:

  • Monitor your staff.
  • Protect your assets against intruders.
  • Know of any after hour intrusion.