The Table Mountain Surveillance Fund.

The Table Mountain Nature Reserve Needs Your Help To Fund Their Project To Add Surveillance Cameras.

Our Fund:

Our hope for this project is to see the whole of Table Mountain under constant, 24/7, surveillance.
For the safety of the community and the wildlife. To keep this Wonder Of The World And UNESCO World Heritage Site in the most pristine condition possible, while making it altogether safer too.

Goal: R200 000
Goal: 50 Cameras
Goal: 100+ Backers

This Project end on XX / XX / XX

Rik Rhino Surveillance specialises in technical security and surveillance solutions. We aim to improve the safety and security of our clients with wireless technology and smart applications to meet our customers’ needs for technology-based surveillance systems. We provide solutions which are efficient, reliable, and durable while still maintaining ease of use and practicality.

While the initial vision for the company was based on trying to help eradicate the terror of Rhino poaching, we now have the leading products available in Africa for home, business and farm security, with our range continuously expanding. This is due to our heavy investment in highly advanced operating and control system software.

Our products are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions and because of our unique copyrighted software, they will work anywhere on the continent of Africa.

Below are just a few of the uses for our products in the wildlife sector:


• Poacher detection

• Protection and welfare of wildlife

• Wildlife viewing

• All products can be moved quickly to areas of high concern

• All products can be relocated quickly to areas of high concern

• The cameras can be programmed to operate during certain hours only

• You can program our cameras from your mobile phone


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