What an early warning system can mean for your farming and wildlife

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Farmers and farm workers are in an ongoing state of uncertainty and fear as livestock and wildlife are in danger. Preventing any security breaches is often a challenge because of the location of most farms and this leaves your investment as well as your safety at risk.

A lion recently went missing from the Karoo National Park and after a week-long search, was found more than 50 km away. The lion was then kept in a holding cell until it could be collected. Although most lions in the park are tagged with monitoring devices, this rogue lion was not. The surprising thing about this incident isn’t that a lion went missing, but that it walked quite a distance and could have possibly been in danger while endangering the lives of livestock. It’s unsure where exactly the lion roamed, but it’s safe to say that a missing lion must’ve been a hungry lion. Because the park couldn’t track the animal, and they didn’t have the right surveillance system, it could’ve gone a long way in tracking the lion.

Due to poaching, vandalism and the targeting of livestock, a surveillance system to offset the risk is essential and Rik Rhino offers just that. With a range of high-quality and affordable 3G cameras that can work remotely to capture movement and notify you when any movement is detected, an early warning system could be the solution your livestock and wildlife needs. Rik Rhino goes the crucial step further than your average surveillance system with its highly-sensitive infra-red motion sensor that enables it to take pictures.

Due to the vast and rugged land and extreme weather conditions that wildlife live on, most surveillance systems are not able to function adequately. Rik Rhino’s products are tailored to withstand extreme conditions due to copyrighted software and high-quality materials. The result is effectiveness and durability at an affordable price, without compromising quality. Ultimately, providing you with peace of mind.

Fortunately, Rik Rhino has been working tirelessly to keep South African farms safe through its premium security technology. Rik Rhino cameras are made to last in tough terrains and extreme environments and are the necessary precaution for your farm.

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