Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly-asked questions about Rik Rhino. If you do not find what you are looking for, please visit our Support page here.
The best memory card to use would be an SD Card as using a Micro SD inside and an adapter causes complications.
We have developed a special mobile application designed to work with our wireless camera, saving you more than 300% on costs. The 47KB image will only cost you 0,06c.
Rik Rhino cameras will operate on any cellular network in Africa.
Rik Rhino currently has antenna boosters which will assist with signal issues in remote areas.
Absolutely!  You are able to view images from any internet enabled device, either by logging in to your Rik Rhino profile or by using the mobile application.
The Rhino app is available on any Android or IOS smartphone appstore.
Yes, you can, but any card larger than 32GB has not been tested for compatibility.
You can print your images directly from your computer if you have an SD card slot or external reader. You can also take the SD card to a photo centre and have them printed there.
If your pictures are out of focus, please call customer service. The customer service representative will ask you to email them a sample picture. It’s possible your unit may need to be sent to our repair centre for a technician to assess.
Password recovery can be facilitated by contacting our customer service line at 021 361 0000 and pressing option 2 in the main menu. Your unit’s serial number will be needed for this process.
This is unadvisable as rechargeable batteries become thicker over time so they do not fit in the slots.
If the images are not coming through to your mobile device or via the app you should first check your data/airtime balance. If all is in order you can change the batteries, check if send mode is on and/or replace the SD card. If the problem persists contact our technical department.
The camera switches off from instant mode when the battery level is too low. When you change the batteries be sure to switch send mode back to instant. The default number of photos sent per 24 hours is 10, but you can set this to unlimited.

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