PPSS® Stab Resistant Vests


PPSS Stab Resistant Vests are a highly functional solution to individuals who require reliable protection from edged weapons in their chosen vocation.

Truly ground-breaking, our high performance stab resistant vests have been designed to provide the very best levels of protection from edged weapons as well as hypodermic needles, another real risk in today’s society.

All PPSS stab resistant vests offer an unlimited shelf life, in comparison to 3-5 years lifespan of Kevlar® based body armour.

However the key advantage of our stab resistant vests is the incredible level of protection from blunt force trauma injuries, often the result following a kick, punch or blow from any type of blunt object.

Based on our own operational frontline experience and extensive research, we can only stress that an impact based assault in most countries is more likely and frequent than an attack involving an edged weapon or firearm. Nevertheless blunt force trauma injuries can lead to organ failure, irreparable injuries and long term disability.

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