Gizzu Hero 512 Power Station


The Gizzu Hero Core UPS Power Station offers 512Wh of portable battery capacity, making it perfect for outdoor adventures and powering household appliances during loadshedding. Its elegant, durable design is suitable for any adventure. Equipped with various ports, including AC, USB, Type-C, and more, it can charge multiple devices simultaneously. With Pure Sine Wave technology and UPS functionality, it ensures uninterrupted power for your essential devices. Compatible with a range of appliances, from routers to gaming consoles, it features fast recharging and a long lifespan of 3500 cycles. Safety features like short-circuit protection are also included for added peace of mind. You can recharge it via car, solar panel, or traditional wall sockets.

Please Note:

The total power consumption for all connected appliances must be less than 800W. If the power requirement draw exceeds 800W, the wattage overdraw protection will provide up to 10 seconds of runtime before the unit shuts itself down.