Gizzu Hero Ultra 1100U


The Gizzu Challenger Pro 1120Wh UPS Power Station is a compact and versatile on-the-go power supply, perfect for emergencies, camping, and more. It features a 230V South African plug and two DC ports, allowing you to power small appliances, internet routers, and lightbulbs. With USB ports, including a Quick Charge and PD port, you can keep your devices charged. This rechargeable battery-powered station has a durable design, built-in LED flashlight, and supports both solar and wall charging. It’s ideal for outdoor adventures, providing power for lights, smartphones, cameras, and more. Additionally, it offers UPS functionality, ensuring uninterrupted power during outages, and can recharge from 0% to 100% in under 2 hours.

Note: The maximum concurrent rated output for this device is 1000W. Please double-check the watt requirement of the appliance you want to power before connecting it to your Gizzu Power Station.