Public Sector

RikRhino products are not just effective they are very versatile. We have an assortment of body cameras that assist public safety in a number of different aspects.

The success of Body Cameras fitted on Police Officers in the United Kingdom is one that would be wise to replicate here in South Africa. RikRhino’s body Worn Cameras can serve the public sector with their reliable durability, crystal clear images, GPRS functionality and password protection.

This technology can assist with law enforcement:

  • Interaction with citizens
  • Documenting events that assist officers when they file reports.
  • Accurately identifying suspects during foot chases and other close quarter situations.
  • Provide irrefutable evidence that would assist during court proceedings.

Fighting crime effectively needs to have 21st Century technology taking centre stage and RikRhino can guarantee that our ground-breaking innovations will not only make a difference but change public security’s effectiveness.

Body cameras can be a boon to Traffic Officers during:

  • Routine traffic stops
  • Roadblocks
  • Interactions with motorists.

Railway transportation is a big part of many South African’s lives as an affordable commuter option. Rail companies and other stakeholders all confirm that the industry has been crippled because of the prevalence of cable theft. RikRhino’s advanced surveillance and tracking systems would prove a useful addition in the efforts to make Railway transport safer and more reliable.

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