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Limpopo Rhino Security Group in partnership with Rik Rhino and Devine Lie


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A driving force behind the development of our RhinoCam was to find a way to do our part in protecting what’s left of Africa’s diminishing rhino population. Thus we commenced collaborating with various rhino protection organisations to ensure the longevity of the species.

Rik Rhino works closely with the Limpopo Rhino Security Group, a non-profit organisation who’s goal is to protect rhinos in the Limpopo Province. They recognise that the future of wildlife is inextricably linked to the communities that share its habitat and risk their lives on a daily basis to protect close to 300 rhinos across the province. They have also come to realise that one of the most effective ways to counter these attacks is with technological solutions such as the RhinoCam.

We are committed to supporting initiatives and organisations such as the Limpopo Rhino Security Group who are made up of driven individuals, passionate about wildlife. To show our pride in our association we pledge a minimum of 1% turnover to this worthy cause and we urge you to get involved as well – any contribution is valuable and much-needed.

We need your support to conserve and protect the surviving rhino species.


On a trip to South Africa, alternative rock group, Devine Lie, saw firsthand the grotesque and terrifying results of the callous and cruel poachers. The band was so touched by what they saw that they immediately set out to see how they could help. It became clear after discussions with various organisations that money was always the commodity in shortest supply. After contacting some of the foreign-based charities it transpired that despite the money that Devine Lie could raise it would not reach the front-line of the war against the poachers. This lead to the decision to partner with and raise money for the people at the sharp end of the war against the criminal poachers.

Devine Lie was so touched and impressed by the everyday selfless and never-ending efforts of the Limpopo Rhino Security Group that they chose to partner with them. Not only do the Limpopo Rhino Security Group pour their efforts into stopping the poachers, they also save and nurse back to health the rhinos that have been viciously attacked but have miraculously survived.

Initially, Devine Lie set out to write and record a single, Stop the Bloody Trade, with the sole function of raising money for this worthy cause. As they learned more about the scale of the fight against these criminals, Devine Lie has since decided to donate, not only the proceeds from their single but the earnings from their entire forthcoming album to this cause.

The purpose of the album, now titled ‘Stop the Bloody Trade’ is to increase worldwide awareness of the crimes being committed against the rhino population of Africa. The album consists of 12 tracks and is available for download for a minimum donation of R100. Of this, all but approximately 4% will be donated in aid of the Limpopo Rhino Security Group in order to acquire secure equipment to help in their war against the rhino poachers. The 4% is a charge that is levied by the banks for processing of payments.

For more information on Devine Lie visit their website here or click the Donate Here button to go straight to the donations page on the Devine Lie website. Once your donation has been processed by the bank you will receive a download link for Devine Lie’s album, Stop The Bloody Trade.

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