The award winning WCCTV technology that has been a core part of many public and private institutions around the world is available from RikRhino. We have a number of products that utilise the power of this progressive technology which include body cameras, site towers and wireless dome cameras.

This technology is normally very complex and difficult to obtain but as always RikRhino can provide this powerful technology for South Africans at affordable prices and with the RikRhino guarantee of effective crime prevention.

Take a look at our WCCTV products. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you have found the right one. WCCTV content has been essential in the apprehension of criminals as documented by the following Case studies.

case studies

Site Security – Construction, Demolition and Remote Sites   Download
Remote Condition Monitoring  Download
Mobile Surveillance
Solutions Download
Nottingham Mounted
Police: Body-Worn CCTV  Download

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